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Factory Automation

The basic principles of manufacturing have not really changed, materials have to be processed, machined, and moved. With the use of robotics and motion control systems, these processes can automated yielding higher quality products assembled in less time.

SMP Engineering provides full service factory automation solutions. This means that prior to developing any hardware, we not only analyze our customer’s manufacturing processes, but we understand why those processes are used in the first place. Frequently, we have found this step to be the most challenging aspect of an automation project. This analysis starts by first developing a thorough understanding of the product itself, followed by studying product mix, yield and assembly timing. We then leverage this insight to produce automation solutions that reduce assembly time and also improve quality and reliability. Our complete solutions include hardware and software design, robot implementation and installation, and startup. A significant portion of our company's experience is in control integration. We can round out your robotic automation project with our vision system, smart sensor, PLC, operator interface, and data collection capabilities.


In addition to developing new automation equipment, we have had many projects upgrading existing manufacturing equipment. The scale and scope of these projects range from motor upgrades all the way to complete rebuilds that require use to re-engineer the system from scratch due to age or availability of spare parts.

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