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Product development

You can’t grow your business without innovative new products. At SMP, we have expertise in the complete new product development process.

Product innovation at SMP Engineering follows four steps:

Idea Generation

Utilizing our close customer relationships and deep technical fluency in their respective markets, we take the lead in idea generation. These ideas are presented to our customers for review.


Each idea is reviewed and ranked based on various technical and business factors. The most compelling ideas then move from a description into a 3D model and prototype. We employ 3D printing, as well as our in house machining, CNC, injection molding and sheet metal forming capability to quickly demonstrate functional prototypes.


Design validation testing allows us to iteratively improve our prototypes to yield pre-production hardware. This hardware is critical for two reasons. First, it will be subjected to battery of qualification and validation testing to ensure the product meets all of customers specifications and requirements. Second, in order to fabricate the pre-production hardware, we establish a pilot production line. At the end of the development phase, we not only have a functional, qualified product, but also the capability to produce it in volume.


SMP Engineering introduces the product to your marketing and engineering team, and the production line is transferred to your factory. SMP Engineering’s work is not complete until you are selling a successful product!

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