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Research & Development

Our customers’ requirements to achieve ever increasing performance requirements while reducing size, weight and power drives us to develop and test novel materials and processes.  

While innovating the products of today we also develop the foundations for future products, examples include:


  • Ultra high performance materials- These include a identifying a wide range of novel materials that posses unique characteristics such as the ability to withstand very high temperatures while maintaining their mechanical and electrical characteristics.

  • State of the art manufacturing and processing techniques- As 3D printing becomes more mature, the range of material that can be printed has grown rapidly. We are continuously evaluating new systems and materials to determine how these tools can be used to enable new products.

  • Looking beyond our customer’s industries for solutions- While there is tremendous value in having deep fluency in your industry, there is tremendous value in evaluating and learning from technologies of industries beyond your own. At SMP Engineering, our job is innovation irrespective of a specific industry. As such, we stay up to date of new developments in a wide range of technical fields and specialites.

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